Anti-Spam (junk email) links and information

These sites will help you get rid of unwanted junk email.

Top Anti-Spam sites


  • Sam Spade Tool - website only does whois now
  • Un-authorized mirror to download an old Windows version (1.14) of Sam Spade tool
  • ALLWHOIS.COM - universal whois lookup
  • Ted's Homemade web Tools has relay tests, blocklisting checks and other tools
  • Information

  • SPAM.ABUSE.NET - Fight Spam on the Internet!
  • SPAMFAQ.NET - an updated FAQ for
  • WWW.FAQS.ORG - other FAQ from
  • Email Abuse FAQ from WD Baseley <------- Best site for newbies to start at!
  • How to turn off email relaying
  • Reading Email Headers
  • Marketing on the Internet without spamming
  • More good Anti-Spam sites

  • How To Fight Spam from John Oliver
  • Why Spam Is Bad (It doesn't work) from John Oliver
  • The Spamhunter's Resource from George Crissman
  • Spamware Vendor List --- Boycott/block listed sites
  • Spammers' Hall of Shame --- Worst Repeat Spammers
  • Stephen Whitis's No Spam Page
  • Spam Links - /
  • Crimes Of Persuasion - Schemes, Scams, Frauds
  • Anti-Spam Humor

  • Attack Of The 50 Foot Grubor from Andrew Nellis
  • Spam complaint addresses for persistent spammers

  • spam complaint addresses
  • spam complaint addresses

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