Loopholes in proposed 'Register all guns' laws

Some "gun-control" groups, including the "Million Moms March", have called for government registration of all guns. But any such law has two fatal flaws.

Fatal Flaw #1: Fifth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America

You might think that "all guns" would include those owned by criminals. It does not. Convicted felons are prohibited from owning guns by US Federal law. The Fifth Amendment makes it illegal to force people to incriminate themselves. Convicted felons cannot be required to register their guns because that would force them to confess to the crime of illegally owning a gun.

If the existing law against felons owning guns was enforced, this would not be a problem. However, if the existing gun and drug laws were enforced, no-one would be calling for gun registration. Convicted felons such as Buford Furrow and H. Rap Brown know that the law is not enforced. Convicted knife-attacker Buford Furrow was allowed to keep his guns after his conviction, despite the Federal law to the contrary. He used those guns to shoot children at a Jewish Day Care Center and kill a mailman. Nobody bothered to enforce the law. Convicted robber H. Rap Brown was allowed to illegally buy an assault weapon. He used it to kill a policeman. Nobody bothered to enforce the law.

The Fifth Amendment also protects other criminals from gun registration. Every criminal can protect his guns by committing a felony crime and getting probation, or by giving his guns to a convicted felon for safekeeping.

Fatal Flaw #2: Guns can be hidden in drug shipments

According to US Federal Government agencies, drug smugglers slipped 690,000 pounds of cocaine past police in the first 6 months of 2000. You can hide thousands of guns in 690,000 pounds of cocaine! Of course drug smugglers also bring in hundreds of thousand of pounds of marijuana, heroin, and other illegal drugs besides cocaine. Guns are readily available from China, Russia, Eastern Europe, and major drug-producing countries. The Chinese Army is the world's largest manufacturer of assault rifles, and they sell them to anyone, even terrorists. Will drug dealers register their illegal smuggled guns?

What are you going to do, X-ray every drug shipment to make sure that there aren't any guns hidden in the cocaine?

Unfortunately, the millions of drug dealers and illegal drug users make up a potent voting block and few politicians are brave enough to seriously attempt to enforce the existing anti-drug laws. Democrat politicians have in fact proposed allowing convicted felons to vote. So it's probably no surprise that in the 2000 Presidential election hundreds of convicted felons were illegally allowed to vote in Florida and 75% of them were Democrats according to the Miami Herald.

Gun registration laws inconvenience honest people, but exempt convicted murderers, robbers, rapists, and drug dealers. Does that seem backward to you?

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